Thursday, 4 March 2010

Guava Chutney(Jamfal Chutney) and awards!!

In Gujarat,India Guava season comes during the winter theU.K it's all around the year ... Dholka city in the Gujarat is very famous for this fruit..when some one goes to this city they never forget to bring this fruit for their loved ones!! I remember eating just with salt and red chilli mum used to make chutney out of it...this springs up some wonderful childhood memories!!.and here is the recipe..

You will need:-
  • 1 cup Guava, cubed
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • Salt to taste
  • Tumeric powder, Red chilli powder, Cumin and coriander powder and Garam Masala-to your liking
  • Finly chopped coriander
  • 1/4 cup Gor(Jaggary)
  • 1 tsp cuminseeds
  • pinch of Hing(Asafoetida)
In a heavey bottom pan heat the oil.  Add cumin seeds and hing and let it spultter, now add Guava, all the masala and salt.  Mix very well and add 1/4 cup water.  Let it cook for 6-7 minutes and add gor and cook further 1 minue.  Turn the heat off and garnish with coriander.  Ready to serve. Great for side dish.

Enjoy!!   Sending this dish to event "Think Beyond the Usual-Fruits hosted by Nithu Bala....

Ganga of My Faviourite Foods has shared an award with me...Thanx a ton Ganga...sweet of you that you thought about me...she has a wonderful blog and great recipes for veg and non-veg people..please take a look at her blog....and this award comes with the prize, you won't get just like this...have to be honest about the rules are
  •  You must brag about it.
  •  Display the badge on your blog and link to the one who tagged you 
  •  Share 10 things about yourself.
  •  Pass the award to other follow bloggers by visiting their site.
So 10 things about me...let me think..;-)) if I say I love my family and means lot to me...yaya every one loves their really that doesn't count..does it?  ok I tell you really who I am as individual....

  1. Strong willpowered, tough and says I should have joined Army !!but same time very very emotional and sensitve....
  2. I am pamperd wife and mother....ya even my kids pampers me!!
  3. Strong believer in humanitrian...curently I am involved in a charity work for Disabled and Visually Imapired you will understand me more why I went to see MNIK...personaly I think every able bodied person has duty to give something back to don't have to be Miss India,Miss U.K or Miss World...
  4. Love to wear black colour clothes..if I was allowed I could have black saari for our wedding...
  5. Love to have beauty sleep..that is what my husband says, whenever I go to sleep in a day time...
  6. Never like to have hot milk....just can't swollow...
  7. Not very much of a sporty person...but I play football, cricket, go for swimming and cycling with my kids and recently I've joined the Golf club with my husband...
  8. I don't have a good never sing...unless I want to make my kids laugh...worse then Rani Mukherji...
  9. Don't belive in having a designer tags with me...don't mind when I get as a present from my kids and DD strongly believes in designer, so she drags my husband for my presents....
  10. Love to watch cricket and love to play DANDIYA-RAAS.....ohhh can't wait for Navratri...

Also Priya Swaminathan of Mumbaikar at heart and Deepa of Hamarri Rasoi both have passed this award to me...thank you both considering me..really honoured and humbled by their  good gesture!!please visit their blog, they all have great recipe of collection!!

Now I'm passing these both awards to...
  1. Nayna of Simply.Food
  2. Vrinda of Sankeerthanam
  3. Mia of Vanillastrawberryspringfields
  4. Aparna of Ladies Special Adukkala
  5. Cicily Antony of Soice from the Queen of  Arabian sea
  6. Pari of Fooddelicious
  7. Lady Boheme of hiperica
  8. Supriya Naiyer of My Kook Book
  9. PJ of Garlic and Ginger
  10. Jyoti V of Panchpakwan
  11. Swapana Shridhar
  12. Geeta of Gita's kitchen
  13. Neetz of Neetzkitchen
  14. Asha of Ashanoka
  15. Babli of Khana Masala
  16. Devasana Hariharan of A Connoisseur's Eye for Life's Little Melodies
  17. Ramya Manja of Veg Delicacies
Please accept the award !!


  1. Congrats for the awards and nice to know about you,,,,guava chutney looks so delicious and tempting clicks....thanks for sharing the award...

  2. Hey,
    Congrats on your awards. Its good to know something, if not everything about you.

    #4: Bride in black? That would have created quite a stir if you had gone ahead with that color choice for your saree.

    Guava Chutney is looking real good. I like guava that has pink flesh on the inside.

  3. Congrats Jagruti ! Good to know more about you :-)

    I love guava a lot ,but never tried making chutney with idea !!

  4. Congrats on your awards.. "worse than Rani Mukerjee" that was quite a witty comment ;)
    Guava chutney looks awesome..

  5. Congrats on the award...great to find out a little info on the lady with such great recipes too...I would love to make this...but I'm not sure where to find fresh guavas looks delicious.

  6. Guava chutney never come across it but sounds innovative.My experience with guava is in fruit form only and that also found I didnt like because of the hard seeds in it.Maybe I will try this chutney and become a fan of it.Isnt guava sweet already? because you have added jaggery to it in the recipe.???
    Thanks for the awards and tags .

  7. Ha ha,my heart was beating with excitement if am gng to get this award or no ....and woooaaa there u were....
    thanx a ton loads going to write a special post about all ur awards ,but its going to take awhile ,coz i have a little back log ,my feeder still aint fixed and hvin a little software problem too....whew!!!

    Love love love this guava Chutney,the only one we know is Guavada or perada which is a jammy sweety kinda thingy which i so wanna make but this one sounds so so interesting i mus say.....
    Am loving the flavours that go into this one ...
    Thanx a ton again,congrats on ur award and yeah happy cheeerful day to u.....

  8. Oh ur 10 things are very interesting....and ofcourse i accept this and all the other past awards as well...thanx a ton loads sweety

  9. Jagruti,

    Nice chutney, congrats on awards.

  10. What a lovely chutney this is so new to me... The guavas are not as good as we get in India but sometimes I set that behind my mind and some... This chutney makes to buy some guavas now!!! Congrats on your awards!!!

  11. Dear Jagruti
    This is a very nice recipe and very new to me...
    I have heard about this Guava, but never ate before.

    Have a nice weekend

  12. Chetney looks fab..
    Congrats on awards..its nice to know abt you..
    Thank you for sharing with me..Thats so thoughtful of you dear..
    I to have shared some awards with you.
    Do checkout..

  13. I ate lots of guava when I was still a kid. Never had them as a chutney though. Looks very yummy.

  14. We get Guava but I never even added in fruit salad.Looks unique ur dish!

  15. Woww never thought of making out chutney with guava, truly unique!!

  16. Congrats on your awards, chutney with guava sounds innovative and interesting da:)

  17. one of my fav fruits.. i love the crunchy green guavas..i also make this chutney often..have a sweet tooth..cant help it.!

  18. Love guava and this looks very tempting... congrats on your awards Jagruti :)

  19. congrats on your awards..

    great recipe for chutney

  20. Congrats on your award..

  21. This is my favorite fruit!!but never heard abt guava chutney.Thanks for sharing!!

  22. Sounds great n looks yummy too !!! - i had nvr heard of this chutney before wil surely giv it a try ...

    - Smita
    @ Little Food Junction

  23. I never heard of this chutney before. It looks palatable and alluring!

  24. We're currently love everything with guava and would definitely love this delicious chutney!

  25. new recipe.Adding guava in cooking is new to me.
    Great write up.nice to know abt u.

  26. Oh this is new to me, I've never used guava in cooking b4, looks good!

  27. love the idea of making chutney out of guava! really unique... congrats on ur awards!

  28. chutny is new to me & sounds interesting.gud to knw more abt you esp ur strong will power which i really lack.thanks for sharing these awards with me..Keep rocking!!!!!!

  29. Cool idea for chutney, my friend...guava is definitely a versatile fruit...

  30. Nice one,never used guava in any of my dishes,sounds good and looks awesome

  31. Beautiful post, As i said on FB the first time i ate guava was in portugal, to my misfortune I never found guava in my city :o((
    Have a nice day!

  32. Totally new to me, but it looks great. Congrats on your award, Jagruti....

  33. Guava Chutny !!What a mouth watering dish !!I wish to merry soon so that i can ask my wife to make all of your recipes for me...:)..Great post !!

  34. such a nice recipe with guava, dear!..congrats on ur award, dear

  35. Congrats on your award! Very fun to read these facts about you.

    Unfortunately it is never guava season in the US. I don't think I've ever even seen one in stores here. Guess I'll just ahve to move. Cause this looks delicious.

  36. Never heard or seen this dish before! Surely yumm! ;)

    Congratz on the awards ya!

  37. Hey, thanks for sending it to the event..such a lovely recipe Dear..beautiful click..Congrats on your award:-) Keep rocking..

  38. Jagruti, you have the most unique recipes out there! I have never had this guava chutney but looks delicious. I wish I had more access to fresh guava to try these. It was so nice to know a bit more about you. We sure share the love for wearing black :) Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it my way!

  39. Its new to me...Looks yummy and delicious...

  40. wow Very Innovative,I have tasted many Guava varieties,but never came across ur chutney,which looks awesome...I wonder how splendid it must taste!!

  41. Congrats!! the chutney is different and nice.

  42. Congratulations to you for all your awards. Thank you very much for sharing these lovely awards with me.
    Guava chutney is absolutely new for me. Looks tempting and yummy. Wonderful presentation. Thanks for this new recipe.

  43. lovely chutney dear!! so delicious..Congratulations on ur awards too..

  44. Congrats on your awards...thank you very much for passing it to me :) It was nice reading about you..btw I too love black color :) Guava chutney sounds fabulous, I too love this fruit..will try this chutney soon!

  45. congrats dear....guava is my favorite fruit..

  46. hey that guava chutney is something creative..never made it. we make guava raita but chutney looks so good.

    congrats on your award and good to know some things about you..

  47. Hey that guava chutney, sounds interesting..I make it with green apples..adding some cayenne pepper..

  48. nice tempting chutney jagruti...congrats for ur awards...good 2 knw mre abt u

  49. Thanx a lot dear for the award... A BIG bear hug your way for this...

  50. Congrats on your awards jagruti!!!! Guava chutney looks delicious!!!

  51. Congo jags...and chutney looks gooood!!


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