Friday, 5 March 2010

Announcing My First Event !!

Hey Guys!!
Before I embark on my announcement, I would like to say a big thank you to all my ardent friends.....who have given me lots of encouragement by regularly visiting my blog and contributing with all feedbacks...I gathered some courage....I am confident that all of you will support me.....Thank You Pictures, Images and Photos

I have participated in many events since I started my blog 8 weeks ago, ya today my blog turns 2 months old..but I myself have never hosted any I thought let's put my finger in the pie..and here I am announcing My First Event...

Joyful Eating Whilst Travelling

Reasons behind my approch for this event
We all travel a lot to holiday places all over the world and in our travels we are always discovering different foods and dishes which we never knew about and also foods that have flavours we are comfortable with at home, but taste differently made somewhere else. This could be in either Restaurants, hotels or in the food stalls on streets.. Most of the time during our travels we have found to like some particular food so much that it stays in our memories and then long after that same item is made at home and it refreshes our memories of the great times during our holiday....
I am going to include here some of the dishes I made at home after enjoying them for the first time whilst ,here , here and here
So now my friends please share your travelling experiences and food that you have had for the first time, which may have inspired you to attempt at  home making it a family favourite.  It could be any food, drink or dessert...the choice is yours....
Your travels could have been not necessarily different countries, it can be from town to town or State to guys jog your memories and if there were any particular foods you enjoyed on your holiday, please make that item again and post it in my first event..
Rules for my Event

  • Please include your holiday pic in your do not have to include people in your pics..

  • No limit to the number of entries.

  • Please use my logo and give link to my event page on your post.

  • Post the recipes between 5th of March 2010 to 5th of May 2010.

  • Dated entries will be accepted if they are re-posted and linked back to this event.

  • Send the entries to my email with the subject line- Joyful Eating whilst Travelling and with the following details

  1. Your Name

  2. Your Blog name

  3. Recipe Name

  4. Recipe URL

  5. Picture of your recipe

  • Also non bloggers can send their entries to my email ID and the subject line with your name, Recipe,and the picture of your recipe.

  • Please do not hesitate to ask me about anything regarding this event. Do I hear it right that some of you have already started booking holidays and hotels ? :) Go on Happy Holidays and come back with great memories and show us all your X Factor in cooking!!! 


  1. We go on vacation only in June-July when it's warm and some years in December for a short vacation. In India, my family used to pack food whenever we went somewhere. But I NEVER pack food here, I need my vacation from kitchen too! :D
    We did have few Travelling food events before, I have posted a few. So great event to start again. My blogs don't work, so nothing from me I guess unless they fix it, can't post logo either.
    Warm weather here, it will be a fun weekend. See you next week, enjoy!:)

  2. Hey Jagruti, Great idea, yaar! Also, congrats! on reaching 2 month mark with the blog and congrats! on the first event...I know it will be a resounding success...

    For the event, you have really made me think...what recipe to send???great concept!

  3. Wow! looks interesting..happy hosting Dear:-)

  4. Congrats on completing two months on your blog.You have come so far in so little time,you have so many followers and your posts are always full of beautiful comments.Well done.Wishing you many more successful years of blogging.
    Your event is wonderful and will definately send some recipes.

  5. Jagruti,
    Congrats on completing 2 months of blogging successfully. I for one am very happy that you decided to post about today as I just posted a dish that I had while traveling in Italy.So my first entry for your event is all ready! I might have some in archived posts too.

  6. Dear,
    I just checked your comment on my post and am thinking that we just crossed paths. We are on the same wavelength. Lol

  7. Jagruti,

    Looks nice concept. Happy hosting.

  8. wow! You've only been blogging for 2 months! impressive!

  9. excellent idea jagruti..shall send in my entry

  10. Congrats on completion of two successful months of blogging.Also congrats on starting your own event.Will surely send in a recipe.

  11. Congrats on 2 Months Aniversary :)
    You have quite a progress in blog world in two months, wish you same growth rate ahead :)

  12. Congrats on your achievement :) The event sound interesting...count me in! Happy Hosting :)

  13. Jagruti, this sounds like a good idea.. will be on vacation starting tomorrow till next month... so would miss event... :-(

  14. Dear Jagruti
    congrats and wish you a great success the bargain will know many travelling recipe...I wont be back home before mid april otherwise I wd have participated. I have never participated in any event...
    Have a nice weekend

  15. Hi Jagruti
    Great Idea . I would definitely like to post my recipe in your event within the specified period.

    All the Best for your first event.


  16. Thats a nice event..& congraz on completing 2 months here....

  17. Congrats on your first even dear :)... great hosting and a superb concept :)

  18. yes dear,

    i ve tried 2-3 items like dat...i ll send some entries!

  19. My Best wishes for ur event!!!

    Will definitely try sending some recipes :-_

  20. Love the event! I have had some great food while traveling, but haven't always tried recreating it... Will definitely cook up something soon for the event...

  21. wow nice event....ssss i hve some experence..

  22. WOwow,JAgs ,ur only blogging for 2months ,i've been blogging for 6months,but u rock babes...amazing ....
    Me to was jus thinkin of an ur theme,all the travel i have done in the last few months is explore beaches et do wanna be a part and yeah my whole support to ya.....
    Love ur thank u pic ...its so ute too!!!
    cheers and happy weekend to ya JAgs,hey u dont mind me calling u Jags right?
    i find it cute kinda ...
    and thanx for ur email...we didm bake the bananas finally -it was a very hectic day and we were all simply busy plus the chores at home but am grilling em toady...i was wondering if i bake the cookie a little longer and add icing sugar instead of normal sugar it'll work coz icing sugar does add a crunh....

  23. hey great theme..good wishes for your first event..

  24. nice theme for the event. happy hosting!

  25. Nice event dear, will try to participate.

  26. Hi jagruti, I love the post, great event. I might send you soon something for the event.
    Have a great weekend.

  27. congrats on completing 2 months and hosting an event...nice idea....

  28. Congrats dear... and will definitely put in an entry !

  29. hey jagruti cograts for completing 2 mnths in bloggin...awesome event..goodluck for it...vl surely participate...nice idea...hey sorry coudnt not comment for last few days for ur posts as i was little busy...

  30. hey jagruti congrats for completing 2 mnths of blogging..awesome event dear...vl surely participate...nice idea...hey sorry was nt able 2 comment on some of ur prev posts as i was little busy

  31. Nice event. will try to send mine. If you wish to announce this in my Sara's Events & Roundups Blog pls leave a comment thr with the link and end date.

  32. Lovely Event..sure participation & send you my entry...hope event will be very successful..
    All the best...
    Enjoy hosting..:D

  33. Nice theme for an event. Will send in something.

  34. Happy hosting Jagruthi and a good theme too!!and u heard it rite,we are traveling this month and let me see if I can send u some interesting stuff..

  35. Hi Jagruti,
    Congratulations on completing 2 months! I just started my blog a few days back. Hoping to join the event!

  36. Great theme..It is a good way to refresh our memories..I have send you an entry and will send more..Happy Hosting !!!!!

  37. Hi Jagruti,

    Did you change the end date to 5th May? The pic says May but the text says April. Let me know. I may cook up some more dishes then...

  38. hey..jus a quick q..can i send non veg recipes as well?

  39. good luck, jagruti. will surely send in something :-)

  40. wow great and very helpful theme jagruti. am away so cannot participate but wish yu all the luck with this. lookig for the round up to know more travel frindly recipes.

  41. Hi,
    Hope u got my event details.

  42. jagruthi
    its a good event..i liked the theme..really good idea dear..sure will participate.all my best wishes ,.sure your first event will be a super duper hit

  43. Hey congrats, on your 2 months blogging it is great indeed!!, you really are rocking girl!!, will try to participate in this event, and of course best wishes and happy blogging

  44. Are you accepting NV entries for the event? Wanted to send in my Bobotie post for this but was not sure if you are accepting NV recipes.


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