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Homemade Chikna Khoya - Stove Top method Milk Solids

Almost throughout her life my Mum prefered buying most of the stuff from markets or shops where her parents used to purchase, she would trust them fully. She would change even two buses to go to those shops. She would go to Manek Chowk, liveliest and busiest market in Ahmedabad to get stainless steel utensils or jewellery where you can find hundreds of Jewellery shops in one market. There are many props which I use for this blog, I've got from there :) Spices and dry fruits she would get from the spice market Madhu Pura, Clothes, fabrics and for sari shopping she would prefer Dhalgar vaad and Ratanpol. 

Recently I took my daughter to all of these places and shopped till we dropped !!!

And I clearly remember especially to get her favourite loose tea which was WAGH BAKRI ( my favourite too and I am lucky to get it here too). She would never get tired to go all the way. Many times I tagged along with her, and help her to carry those bags.

I don't remember a single time during childhood when Mum made khoya at home, she didn't have to, Only fresh khoya was always brought in the house from her favourite and trusted shop.
I would get super duper excited when Mum takes me to get Khoya from Kalupur, the heart of Ahmedabad.

A trip to khoya shop means yummy food in the house :) Makes me nostalgic,
Countless tiny shops, but filled with variety of Khoya or Mawa you can get. Batti Khoya, Chikna Khoya and Danedar khoya, it felt like you are already in a Mithai shop.  Although there were so many shops, but Mum would only stop at this particular shop and get fresh Khoya because that shop was frequently visited by Mum's family as khoya or Mawa were used heavily in their family.

Khoya or Mawa is hugely used in making many Indian sweets or Mithai, also added in many curry dishes to bring richness to the dish. We are lucky enough to get one type of Khoya, which is rock hard I assume it's Batti Khoya, however most of the times I prepare Khoya using Ricotta cheese, recipe is here in M/W .

I never made khoya from using only milk powder, opportunity came recently. I always keep milk powder bag in my fridge and few weeks back while I was cleaning the fridge, I checked date and it was end of september. I scratched my head thinking what will I do with it ? So first thought came into mind to make some Indian sweets and conjured up Kesar, Badam and Pista Barfi which was a huge hit in the family and on my blog :) Always maintaining it's place in "All time favourite Posts".

With the remaining milk powder plan was to making khoya and freeze it for later use. I did not have any cream or full fat milk in the fridge at that very moment, so just used skimmed milk and couple of tablespoon of ghee. After 10-15 minutes I had this aromatic khoya ready. Cooled it wrapped it in a butter paper and left it in the freezer. Although after freezing this khoya, it will become danedar khoya, so you can use in any kind of  Sweets or Mithai.

Now that so many Indian festival are in line up one after an another, Khoya demands will be sky high and so does prices,  rather than buying adulterated khoya from the market, especially you guys in India, I have read and seen some shocking news about khoya,  try this recipe and be proud of :)

Notes :-

Single cream can be used instead of milk.
Unsalted butter can be used instead of Ghee.

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Homemade Chikna Khoya

Clean and fresh khoya made with Full fat Milk powder. Can be used in many Indian sweets or Mithai.
  • 500 g Full fat milk powder
  • 2 tbsp. Ghee
  • 75-80 mls. Milk

Heat ghee in a heavy bottom pan or non stick pan on a low heat.
Add milk powder and quickly start stirring, be extra careful not to burn the milk powder. 
Keep roasting powder for 3-4 minutes.
Now add milk and combine everything.
Keep stirring mixture on a low heat, again keep an eye on it.
After few minutes you will see mixture getting thick.
Keep stirring, you will get thick but sticky mixture.
Once mixture starts thickened, turn off the heat. 
Remove pan from the heat, but keep stirring the Khoya for another 2-3 minutes.
Transfer into another plate, let it cool or use straight away in the recipe.
If you want it for later use, let it cool completely.
Wrap in a butter paper and keep in refrigerator or freeze it and use within a month.
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 500 g

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  1. This is a very useful post as I dislike buying khoya. Thank you :-)

    1. Thank you Aruna. Totally with you, even in here in UK I dislike buying khoya from the shop :)

  2. I didn't know there are so many types of khoya. Good post and informative.

    1. Thanks Mayuri...yep, in India ONLY you can get though, especial Mawa shops. I remember my mum buying different types of khoya.

  3. hearing about chikna khoya for the first time... thank u for the recipe dear


  4. Thanks, I really loved your article and would love to hear more about your articles.. !
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