Saturday, 6 April 2013

Event Round up - Choc Full Easter !

Made n Enjoyed
Hello readers,

Thank yo very much taking part in this event. Here is the round up. Please let me know if I've missed any of your entries.

  1. Dark chocolate & strawberry brownies
10. Eggless Chilli Chocolate Cake 19. Mocha Chocolate Cake
2. Pian au Chocolat - Chocolate Croissants ! 11. Choclaty custard baskets 20. chocolate and pistachio wedges
3. Chocolate Lemon cup cakes 12. Homemade Fruti and Nut Chocolate 21. 3 D chocolate Easter Egg and Bunny
4. WW Eggless choco chip nut cake 13. Easter chocolate mousse tarts 22. Choc Cross Buns
5. Easter cakes 14. Chocolate cookies 23. COTTON CANDY SMORES
6. Mocha Chocolate Ricotta Creme 15. Chocolate Coins 24. Chocolat Ice cream
7. Kit Kat Cake 16. Chocolate Brownies 25. Dates and Chocolate Chips Bar
8. Chocolate Almond Fudge 17. Choclatey pops
9. Eggless Blackforest Cake- A German Delight 18. Swiss roll with pineapple chocolate mousse



  1. Nice event: Sadly I was too late to contribute but you have a really good collection here!

  2. yummmzz... went thru all the recipes but unfortunately those recipes linked by u.. ie; fruti nd nut chocolate and croissants couldn't b opened cos of some reasons... cud u pls chk it out..

    Ongoing Event- Mummy Ka Magic

    1. Dear Hasna
      Yes, you are right. Currently We are facing URL problems ... hoping this will fix by tomorrow. Meanwhile yo can serch those recipe on my blog in search box.
      Thank you !


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