Friday, 1 February 2013

Event Announcement - Flippin' Good - Pancake Day

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Hello readers,

Welcoming another new month February..please be nice to us ! February is here and people start thinking about how to celebrate or what to get for the much loved day all over the world...It's Valentine's Day !!! But today let's talk about Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday - It is celebrated throughout the UK and other parts of the world by the cooking and eating of pancakes - a last feast before the fasting and self-denial of Lent. In some places pancake races are held, where participants run along tossing a pancake as they go.

Shrove Tuesday is linked to Easter, so its date changes on an annual basis. Pancake Day takes place 47 days before Easter Sunday. Because the date of Easter Sunday is dictated by the cycles of the moon, Pancake Day can occur anytime between February 3 and March 9. In 2013 it takes place on February 12.

Shrove Tuesday marks the last day before Lent, traditionally a period of abstinence, associated with clearing your cupboards of goods such as sugar, fats and eggs. It's commonly known as Pancake Day because it represents a good opportunity to use such ingredients ahead of the fasting period.

So friends get your frying pans ready and start flipping ! It's easy peasy lemon squeezy :P

Guidelines to follow :-
  1. Make sweet or savoury pancakes. You will be able to send any Crêpes, Dosa or Utthapa recipes.
  3. Eggs are allowed.
  4. Link this event announcement on your post. It's Compulsory.
  5. Use of logo is compulsory .
  6. Only entries allowed are posted between 1st Feb-28th Feb 2013.
  7. You can send entries to our email if link doesn't work with the following details.

    1.Your Name
    2.Your Blog name
    3.Recipe Name
    4.Recipe URL
    5.Picture of your recipe

    Also non bloggers can send their entries to my email ID and the subject line with your name, Recipe,and the picture of your recipe.

    Go ahead and send your pancake recipes.
    Waiting for your tasty and yummy entries !!
    Thank you for linking your entries @ JCO..!!


  1. Wonderful event of pancakes. Will surely send my entries soon. Happy hosting..

    today's recipe:

    1. Hi Jagruti, linked my first entry 'Soru chakuli' to your event. Please check it.

  2. Luvly event dear....will surely participate.
    Happy hosting.

  3. Hi Jagruti, I just discovered your blog and I am very happy about it :) You have a great collection of recipes. I am going to try the handvo recipe today! It's so tempting. I will send you an email separately for your invitation to You're Invited!. I just linked my first recipe to your event, happy hosting!

  4. fabulous event... will send my entries soon...

  5. Hi Jagruti

    I have just linked my entry to your event. Exploring more your delicious recipes.

    Thanks for hosting


  6. Hi Jagruti

    I have just linked my entry to your event. Exploring more your delicious recipes.

    Thanks for hosting


  7. nice event try to send some entries

  8. Just now linked Besan ka chilla. Please check it.

  9. Hi,
    I am Priya Anandakumar, this is my first time here. I have linked my recipe here. Thank you for the event.

  10. hi Jagruti, justnow linked savoury pancake. Please check it dear.


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