Saturday, 11 August 2012

Round Up - Rakhi~The Thread of Love

Made n Enjoyed
Hello readers,

Time flies ..days comes and goes, weeks , months and years follows too..and in those years so many festivals which we always look forward to, we celebrate.. that comes and goes too..
Past few days we have celebrated so many festivals and now waiting for them to come in next year. I really enjoyed hosting this unique event at JCO and glad you guy's supported me and enjoyed by posting those delightful recipes on your blogs and linking it to JCO's page.
Thank you so much ..Love you all :-)

Here is the round up

1. Mango Biscotti by Hayley8. Chandrakala by Shama15. Adhirasam by S. Gatthampari
2. Kalakand~Microwave Recipe by Jyoti

9. Gajar Ki Barfi 16. Poli by S. Gathampari
3. Urad dal Vadai in Buttermilk Kozhambu/Curry by Priya10. Kadai Paneer by Paricash17. Kaesari by S. Gathampari
4. Saffron Delight by Anjana11. Besan Ke Ladoo by Bhavya18. Sweet Mung Khichdi by Nayana
5. Wheat Bread Jamun by Priya12. Sandwich for Breakfast on Rakhi by Paricash19. French Onion Soupby Archana
6. Mango Souffle by Jiya13. Corn Chili Masala by Anjana20. Dudhi Halwa by Jagruti

7. Rava Kesari / Sooji Kesari by Divya14. Microwave Besan laddoo/sandesh by Sayantani

In advance I would like to apologies to those participants, if I have missed their entries here. Reason behind this being that half way through the linky tool didn't work and I think I have missed few entries, so please let me know if I have missed anything here, just send me your link on my email and I will post here asap. Once again thank you so much for taking part in this event.


    The greatest good you can do for another ,is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own.
    Thank you very much for visiting JCO, i really appreciate your comments and suggestions...hope to see you again...have a great day !!!


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