Sunday, 5 August 2012

Round Up - Grind Your Cooking Masala

Made n Enjoyed
Hello readers,

My knowledge of making your own masalas at home was limited until I noticed all these diffrent ideas of making masalas and now my knowledge has become vast this will inspire me to experiment a little more. Thank you very much all of you bloggers who sent your entries. You girls rock :-)

Let's look at the round up...

1. Goda masala 14. sambar podi 27. Idli podi - 2
2. Keasar Badam Masala 15. Rahin 28. Sambar powder
3. Gun Powder 16. ELLU PODI 29. Rasam powder
4. Malwani Masala 17. CHAAT MASALA 30. Paruppu podi /Dal powder
5. Kolhapuri Masala 18. Chettinad Masala 31. Idli podi 1
6. Bisibella Bath Masala 19. Galouti Kabab Masala 32. Dried ginger coffe powder
7. Tandoori Masala 20. Garam Masala 33. Spicy sesame Masala powder
8. Tea Masala 21. Garam masala 34. Kulambu /curry powder
9. Sambar Powder 22. Sambhar Powder 35. Instant rasam powder
10. Rasam Powder 23. Xacuti Masala (Goa) 36. Nivedita Sambhar Powder 
11. Garam Masala 24. Chutney Pudi- Cocounut and Curry leaves 37. Punjabi garam masala
12. KARIVEPILLAI PODI 25. Dabeli Masala 38. Tamarind Curry Powder
13. IDLIY PODI 26. Garam masala 39. Biriyani masala


  1. Nice roundup....can find lots of homemade masalas :)

  2. wow... nice round ups.. all useful podis in one page... i bookmarked it...


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