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Shrikhand~An aromatic Indian Dessert ! Kem Cho?

I' ve always associated Shrikhand with a sizzling hot summer, so naturally I make it every year, why would this year be any different?? Every day I wake up to a beautiful summer morning, with the birds singing sweetly. Yes, I think to myself, another day of pure bliss in the lovely hot sun with nothing to stress me out...


Oh boy, who am I trying to kid? It's been raining and making my dreams of a wonderful summer get blanketed over by huge grey clouds. But I remained optimistic and made shrikhand to the best that I could possibly have made it to make up for the runaway summer. Or maybe it was just the sun that we'd soaked up in Florida that left me refreshed but craving for something sweet and dare I say it, properly Indian.

Shrikhand is a family favourite and praises come thick and fast around the table when I make this every year, mainly for Rakshah Bandhan. Well, I hope they are praises, it's kind of hard to tell what your family is telling you through huge mouthfuls of dessert. It originates from the Gujarati cuisine and is made of a melodic blend of ingredients. Traditionally, it is make purely of yogurt that is strained to make the creamy dessert. Aromatic flavours of saffron, pistachios and cardamom finish it off. Nowadays, it is easier to use Greek yogurt and cream to create the same desired effect without the complications of time and hard work.

I never wanted to make Shrikhand traditionally if it could be helped, so every year, I would experiment with different yogurts to find the perfect blend. Some yogurts made the dessert too sour, but I finally landed on Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is naturally so thick that there is no need for the yogurt to be strained. It's kind of like using a cheat sheet for exams. Once tried and tested, I knew it would be the perfect yogurt to use. Since then, I can make a mean Shrikhand in less than five minutes and kid people into believing that I'd slaved over it all night long. ;)

Joy of Cooking's Joyful Tip:
  • for those who can not get hold of Greek yogurt, it is much more effective and time efficient to spread out the yogurt on kitchen towel or a clean cloth between a load of newspapers. Add a heavy weight (maybe a couple of cookbooks) and the yogurt will strain much quicker than hanging it for hours.

So shall we look at the recipe
You will need:-
  • 500g Greek Yogurt
  • 250 g Extra thick Double cream
  • 250g Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp saffron threads(soaked in a 1tbsp warm milk)
  • 2-3 tbsp dry fruit like almonds and pistachio
  • 1 tsp cardamom and nutmeg powder

In a big bowl add yogurt and double cream blend it with hand blender for about 1/2 minute, now add sugar and blend it again for about 2-3 minutes. add all the other stuff mix well with the spoon and leave it to chill in a fridge about 1-2 hours and before serving topped with a few silvers of pistachio...

In Gujarat we have it with Puris..the way I love it, but you can have it on it's own if you want..Enjoy as much as we did...

Sending this to Nayna's event Flavours of Gujarat also sending it to Sanchita's BSI-Pistachio with these entries too..
Tri colour peda and Pistachio Halwa and Priti's Festive food~ Rakhi 2010


  1. wow shrikhanda,looks sooooooo tempting ,beautiful dear ...very irresistible clicks..yummy


  2. Shrikhand looks so delicious. Never had this...Surely a super summer treat..Awesome pics Jagruti!

  3. Thanks Satya..that's very quick..
    Hey Friends..please bear with me, I'll be at yore place soon..I just started blogging again, so I need little time...enjoy your stay here !


  5. Your pictures are killing me here.
    muh me paani a gaya !!!

    I make it sometimes but it would have been easier if i could get chakka to start with.

  6. hey nice of the most loved the presentation. Btw welcome back dear.

  7. Wowww omg, wat a droolworthy shrikhand..very tempting clicks..

  8. Delicious... and very well presented!!! love it...

  9. Splendid looking shrikand. I eat it with roti. Fabulous clicks!

  10. Shrikand looks so delicious. Wish I could have some right now!!!
    Pics are really inviting.

  11. wow, wow, wow, that looks so rich and creamy, i love it :)

  12. hi jagruti..nice to see u back after a long time...shrikhand looks yum !lovely clicks !

  13. Yummy shrikhad Jags..Looks very inviting!!

  14. Dear Jagruti
    How are you? So you are back with a great recipe ...I love it but never tried..I am going to make it as soon as I am back home from Taipei...
    Have a nice weekend

  15. Welcome back :) Shrikand looks sinful very nice clicks! Drooling here!

  16. yummy and deicious shrikhand with wondeful clicks

  17. welcome back darling...shrikhand looks yum ,delicious and mouthwatering....wonderful pics...

  18. Good to see u back.. mouthwatering shrikhand!

  19. amazing pics Jagruti....lovin evry bit of it....:)

  20. Welcome back Jagruti...We missed your delicious posts...!
    Wat a gorgeous dessert...It was worth the time to make it. Perfect n sooooo tempting..!
    Hope you would be interested to participate in the ongoing paneer event in my space...!

    My peda recipe posting it today and glad to send it to your event...:)

  21. Hi Jagruti
    first time here. You have an awesome space. LOVELY CLICKS and ofcourse mouthwatering shrikhand. Following you

  22. Maja mein Jags ;)....srikhand looks delish..wish to grab one of the bowl :)

  23. I have never had this but it looks wonderful and well worth trying. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  24. Shrikand looks lovely and creamy.
    Thanks for sending this wonderful entry to Flavours of Gujarat.

  25. I am drooling seeing the yummy, gorgeous and tempting shrikhand. Wonderful presentation.

  26. Jagruti - welcome back!! Shrikand and puris - my favourite!! I'll have to try your recipe this week. I usually make it the traditional way with home made yogurt.

  27. Perfect n creamy n delicious srikand..beautiful clicks too!!
    Btw thanks for visiting me n the lovely have a wonderful space here!!
    will be visiting often:)
    Take care

  28. Ciao mi piace molto questo dolce con la versione indiana ..lo preparo con gli amaretti quasi allo stesso modo ora proverò il tuo un abbraccio

  29. what a great idea to use greek yoghurt. saves so much time :)


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