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Bajri Na Rotla(Kem cho series)Gujarati - Reposted

One more recipe in Kem cho? series.  I remember as a kid whenever winter time comes my mum used to make Bajri Na Rotla, used to eat with gor(jagarry) the only way i would eat it.. now my kids does the same thing. Specially in winter i really enjoy this rotla with Baingan Bartha, stuffed peppers and gor....

Unfortunately, I can't make rotla using the traditional method(with the hands), hey but who cares..... there is a say in gujarati"ROTLA NU KAM KE TAPAKA NU" whatever way I do make rotla they come out perfect, and they do keep you warm in those winter days....

You will need
1 cup Bajari flour(pearl millet flour)
salt to taste


Mix flour and salt and add enough water to form a stiff dough.  Divid the dough into a small ball and make rotla on your chakla or any smooth surface by tapping your hand on it.

Place on a well hot gridle or tava and cook on both side on slow fire.  Traditionally rotla cooked on clay tava, which i have got here in UK.  Serve hot with spreding ghee with choice of your curry...

Best goes with any baingan curry, spring onion kadhi or mung curry


Linking this recipe to event Know your Flours - Millet Flour event started by me , guest post by Akheela at Torviewtoronto.


  1. Hi Jagruti... thanks for your comments. You too have a great blog. Your Kem cho? series takes me back home. Especially this bajri rotla. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Jagruti ,

    I'm Punitha of

    New to your lovely space:)))

    Rotla looks delicious !!!

    and do visit my blog at your free time Jagruti:))

    Keep up the good work Dear...

  3. I love rotlo with ringan no olo (baingan bharta)

  4. Hi jagruti

    i am new in blog world, i ahve sent so many dishes to your events, can u clear one thing that what is the meaning of ROUND UP of any event. when will you announce award for your events.
    please reply


    1. Hello Pari
      Will let you know when I will post the round up for the event. Might be this coming saturaday..yes I know you sent me your dishes for whole wheat flour event right ?


    2. Thanks Jags for your reply.
      Yes i am the same person who sent dishes for your whole wheat flour event. gud memory.
      I wanted to know is what is the meaning of ROUND UP?
      means what you will do in that?
      sorry for bothering you, but it would be a great help for a new blogger like me.
      when will you announce the awards?


    3. Pari Cash
      Round up means we post each and every entries what we have received in that event. Normally I don't announce any awards, but will pass on few awards to you in my next post :-))
      Hope this helps.

    4. Thanks u sooooooooooo much Jagruthi. You have so much patience, as i ask too many question like kids, i am also a kid in blogging world. hahahahah



    5. Lolz Pari, we all are still kids in bloggywood :-) no're welcome !!

      BTW Round up is ready..please come and have a look

  5. thank you for linkng this delicious roti looks wonderful :)

  6. That is delicious and so healthy!!! thanks for sharing this authentic and tasty dish!!
    chowringhee in Laxmi Nagar


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